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Introducing Beautiful Pillows and Baby Booties from Coral &Tusk

Introducing Coral & Tusk Cushions

We’re so excited at Urbanities to tell you about another one of our new additions to our range of designers. We traveled half way around the globe to find Coral and Tusk and bring their beautiful homewares and baby accessories to you.

Why do we love Coral and Tusk homewares and baby shoes? Because their experiences with textiles and crafts in their travels have inspired a unique and sensitive handling of color and surfaces.

The animal inspired baby booties are made from wool/rayon felt providing a soft carpet to those little feet that will be snug inside them.

Soft Felt Wool Baby Booties
Twin Baby Goat Booties

The gorgeous Coral and Tusk pillows are discrete but elegant. Each pillow is made from 100% linen fabric with an embroided animal cover. Some of the pillows we are stocking also contain little pockets!

Feather and Down Pillow or Cushion
The distinguished bow tie wearing, monocle sporting, Mr. Penguin would like to know what the time is. Luckily his crabby friend doll has a pocket watch and stays under his downy fur pocket front!

Our new Coral and Tusk homewares and baby accessories include 10 different  animal design cushions / pillows and three styles of beautiful baby booties.

Keep an eye on the Urbanities Cushions Section to get your head onto these pillows and feet into the baby shoes!

Update on Coral & Tusk:

The Coral and Tusk Feather and down pillows are now available in the Urbanities Decor section and the Soft Felt Wool Booties are in the Urbanities Shoes section.