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How Boutique Designers can Work with Urbanities

How Boutique and New Designers Can Work with Urbanities to Launch and Market Their Product Ranges

At Urbanities we are always on the lookout for new designers whether local Australian, New Zealand or International designers. Here are some ways we can work with you to help start your range or collection of designer home products.

Exclusive design ranges

If you are thinking of creating an exclusive design range we can help promote your products and help you create your brand and name in the Australian and New Zealand market.

Limited Edition Designs

Consumers love things that are limited edition that only they can own. If you are a new designer or already established designer then consider a limited edition design or set of designs which we can help promote and run a special campaign around.

Novel and Edgy Designs

Our whole ethos here at Urbanities is about edgy, cool and novel designs that get shoppers interested and will help create loyalty with your name and brand.

If you are a designer for homewares, kitchen wares, gadgets and other living products then contact us if you are interested in a collaboration and want to start promoting your products and brand name.