Haminals … The Adorable Pig in a Can!

Haminals … The Adorable Pig in a Can!
24 March 2014 Mini_Fox

Canned Haminals Coming Soon to Urbanities

Haminal is an adorable canned ham animal (kind of a pig!) that combines the goodness of guinea pig, hamster, and ham in the form of a pink, rectangular canned ham plush toy.

As the poster for the Hanimals says “He’s smaller, tastier, boneless and conveniently can shaped”.

Haminal - The Pig in a Can Plush!

Haminal – The Pig in a Can Plush!

A few features of the Canned Haminal:

  • Type: Plush Collectible
  • Height: 4 inches (about 10cm)
  • Edition: Limited
  • Designer: Crystal Chesney-Thompson

If you want to get your hands on one of these early then see us at Supanova Gold Coast April 2014.

We expect the Haminals to be available in the plush & fun section of Urbanities Quirky Gifts store by about mid-April 2014.

This is a totally quirky gift and collectible plush toy and is only available in limited quantities.

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