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Gutsy Designs by I Heart Guts

I Heart Guts is the quirky and lighthearted invention of an anatomically obsessed illustrator. After a string of bad boyfriends (and excess drinking and smoking) Wendy Bryan was inspired to create the sad liver and bummed out lung.

We don’t suggest this method to get over a boyfriend…How about pouring your heart out in the spill your guts journal instead?

Gutsy Designs by I Heart Guts
Bad break up? Spill it all out in this journal

Years later, after being encouraged to continue with these anatomical designs, the range has expanded to include plush toys in the shape of body parts, clothing, pins, stickers, artworks and drawings – products for just about everyone, especially for those who have “everything”. Time Out New York said of the guts, “The deliriously happy bunch is sure to put any get-well card to shame”.

Think of the joy that your friends will derive from their present when at night they can rest their head on the Ovary Plush.

Gutsy Designs by I Heart Guts
"Ova Achiever" ovary plush

Or when they read the Grab Your Gonads Testicle Self-Exam Card given to them as a reminder of the importance of keeping an eye on their health.

Why not check out the free download for yourself?

A personal favourite of ours at Urbanities is the soft plush Kidney with it’s tag line “When Urine Love”. Guys this is the perfect gift for your partner!

We ‘heart’ I heart guts so much at Urbanities that soon will be stocking the brain, heart, kidney, uterus, testicle and ovary plush toys, the breast and testicle and breast self examination cards, various cool tshirts and a guts poster. Keep an eye on the site!!

These plushies and t-shirts are great for anybody but particularly med students, dentists, doctors (want to give your patients something different?) or just people who like cute stuff.