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Gummy Bears are Out and About! The Gummylamps Nightlights are Here!

You may have seen some Gummy Bears on the loose around town…they are in fact the new Gummylamps! Resist the temptation to eat these Gummy Bears when you see them! At first these may look like edible Giant Gummy Bears but they are not for eating …they are the new night lamps in the shape of the Gummi Bear candy that everybody (well we think everybody) thinks cute.

Introducing the Gummylamp – the USB lamp in the shape of the most iconic candy the world has ever known. It looks and feels like an actual Gummy Bear, just about a hundred times bigger and infinitely more useful.

How to Use the Gummylamp USB Light

Squeeze its belly and (instead of squishing candy) a high-powered LED light switches on, illuminating the immediate space around you. The Gummy Lamp also has a timer and is a great night light for kids (and maybe adults too!).

These Gummy Bear Lamps are use USB (chord included) power or battery power. We have the Gummy Bear Lamps available in four colours – Green, Red, Yellow and Orange.

A Quick Preview of the Gummylamps (jump onto Urbanities Lights Section to see more detail).

The Gummy Bear Lamps

The Green Gummy Bear Night Light in its Pack

Green Gummy Bear in PackageGreen Gummylamp Australia or Green Gummylamp New Zealand

The Red Gummylamp – Squeezable USB Lights

Red Gummylamp - the Gummy Bear LampRed Gummylamp Australia or Red Gummylamp New Zealand

The Orange Gummylamp – Back of the Pack Has Some Quirky Info!

Orange Gummy Bear Night Light - Back of PackOrange Gummylamp Australia or Orange Gummylamp New Zealand

The Yellow Gummi Bear Lamp – Side On (Battery or USB Powered Light)

Gummylamps - Yellow Gummy Bear LightYellow Gummy Bear Light Australia or Yellow Gummy Bear Light New Zealand

Gift Ideas for the Gummylamps

These are great gifts for kids and youngsters as they are cute, easy to use and perfect as night lights. Even adults should use them! Get up in the middle of the night and instead of fumbling for light switches just squeeze the gummi bear! Also a cool office gift for a co-worker as they are very unique and can be simply plugged into a laptop to power it.

To see all the Gummylamps go to Urbanities Australia Novelty Gifts or Urbanities New Zealand Gadgets.