Feast for the Palate: Gourmet Food Hamper Gift Set

Feast for the Palate: Gourmet Food Hamper Gift Set
19 November 2013 Master_Fox

Gourmet Food Hamper Gift Set


Eat, Drink and be Merry this festive time of the year! Urbanities has sorted out the finest selection of Gourmet Food Hampers to suit any taste!

Urbanities luxury gift hampers features premium brands and delectable ingredients that goes beyond your usual grocery or deli shelves.

An exquisite and well-thought of gift for relatives and friends this Holiday season.

Just match and pick the most fitting hamper to give! Whether it’s for a BBQ for the blokes or a quiet picnic with the ladies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!


Gourmet Food Hamper – Christmas Celebration Set


Eat, Share and Love this Christmas!


Give the gift of good food for the whole family to share and enjoy this Christmas! The Christmas celebration set  redefines “special” with a unique selection of the best rated G Cova panettone, Leone Christmas candy, Chimbote dulce de Leche, Cudie mini catanies, Mrs Darlington Bramley apple sauce and  Mrs Darlington mincemeat with brandy.


Gourmet Food Hamper – Italian Pasta and Sauces Gift Set


Authentic Italian Treat for Pasta Lovers!


Dine in the “Italia” way! The perfect gift for pasta lovers and everything Italian. You’ll never go wrong with this Italian Food Hamper which carries an array of authentic Italian flavours. This hamper boasts the Giuseppe premium brand of pasta (Long Trine pasta, Fusilli, Spinach Gnocchi, Olive Crostini) and a selection of sauces like the Italian rocket pasta sauce, tomato pesto, white truffle oil and truffle honey.

Gourmet Food Hamper – Snacks and Picnic Set

Food Hamper Snack and Picnic Set

A luxurious picnic gift for outdoor lovers


Fancy basking under sun? Bring along the refreshing Snacks and Picnic Set. Indulge while snacking on olive grissini, sweet chilli and pepper crisps, bluettes, cheese biscuits, premium salt and rosemary crostini, blamxart Ibiza salt brics. Wipe it down with a gulp of the premium brand of drinks, Hansi and cap it off with a sweet treat of  Branier salted caramels, Luxocatt chocolate strawberries and Uncle Joe’s mint balls.

Gourmet Food Hamper – BBQ and Condiments Set


Food  Hamper BBQ and Condiments

A meat lover’s haven!


Everyone loves a barbie! So, you’ll never go wrong with the BBQ and Condiments gift set. This hamper features the Australian luxury brand, Raw Materials that is known for their full flavoured traditional food.  Create an extraordinary BBQ experience with Raw Materials premium olive oil, tomato sauce, Spanish marinate, BBQ sauce, spiced onion confit, Hickory smoked salt, MKS herb aioli, Marel recovert herb the provance mustard and Tierra Brava chipotle sauce.


Gourmet Food Hamper – Spanish Paella Set with Pan



A perfecto gift for anyone who loves to spice it up!


Spice things up! The fitting holiday treat for family and friends who loves everything “España”. Give them the gift of authentic Paella taste with the convenient Spanish Paella hamper. This hamper comes with all Paella ingredients so you won’t miss out on anything! Santo Tomas Bomba rice, RM Spanish marinate, Valdezarza EVO oil, Capirete sherry vinegar, bolero smoked sweet paprika, Saffron by Anjoman spices, MKS vegetable stock, RM wild garlic salt and J Vela piquillo peppers. High quality Garcima Paella pan included to complete the Spanish culinary journey!

* The food hampers are now available for ordering until 30th of November 2013.  Food hampers will be dispatched within the first week of December 2013.