Got Lots of Books? Use the Cute Felt Pig Book Shelf Divider

Got Lots of Books? Use the Cute Felt Pig Book Shelf Divider
22 April 2012 Mini_Fox

Add cute curly tails to your book shelf!

At Urbanities we’ve been horsing around with the very cute Animal Book Dividers by Japanese designer Hiroshi Sasagawa. To be more precise we’ve been getting to know some little pigs a bit better….And they’ve been awfully helpful around the office!

Introducing the Animal Index Series by Hiroshi Sasagawa

The Felt Pig Book Divider can serve a variety of functions. You can use it to separate fiction from non fiction, magazines from books. You can also utilise the book separator to remember the section of the shelf from where you removed a book. And if you’re not fussed about keeping your books in order you can use the Pig Book Divider as a cute and unique decor option.

The Pig Book Shelf Separator is a wonderful choice for a child’s bedroom as there is no chance of them breaking or damaging it.


Cute Animal Felt Book Shelf Divider

The Pig Book Separator is made from 100% felt and measures 215mm in width by 2mm in diameter and 307mm in height.

The Pig Book Shelf Divider is extremely easy to use. Comprising two pieces, the front and the back of the little pig, all you do is place the two pieces where ever you wish on your book shelf and hey presto there’s an animal farm on your bookcase!

Pig Animal Book Case Divider made from Felt

Want to expand your collection of Animal Book Separators?…We’ve also got the Giraffe Book Divider and the Reindeer Book Separator!

Key Specs of the Animal Felt Dividers:

2 Indexes per package (front and back of animal).

Material: rigid felt (100% Polyester).

Product size:

GIRAFFE: Head: 21.5cm W x 30.7cm H / Tail: 15.6cm W x 19.5cm H.
REINDEER: Head: 18.6cm W x 21.7cm H / Tail: 20cm W x 21.3cm H.
PIG: Head: 19.5cm W x 18.4cm H / Tail: 16cm W x 19.5cm H.