Giant Robot Wall Stickers Perfect for Kids’ Bedrooms

Giant Robot Wall Stickers Perfect for Kids’ Bedrooms
4 November 2011 Mini_Fox

Lately I’ve developed a new crush – for a doctor. What sort of doctor you ask? Well he’s not your average doctor, nor is he a dentist or a physio..He’s actually the Doctor, Doctor Who that is.

The other night I was doing some research on the BBC Doctor Who website and reaLarge Robot Wall Sticker - Urbanities Online Storeding all about the current doctor (The Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation, is an excited explorer of the universe, with a keen intelligence that means he often notices what everyone else has missed)…Anyway whilst I was doing this I had a moment of brilliance! Daleks! I could decorate my son’s room with the latest Blik Giant Robot wall sticker available on Urbanities.

My son is also a huge Dr Who fan and his favourite monsters are without a doubt the robot like Daleks. His room really needs be done up but at the moment I can’t face getting out the paint and painting brush and doing it all myself! Blik wall stickers really are a much easier and fantastic designer wall art option.

Blik wall decals are fantastic for any room or house as they can be easily placed on any surface. They are just as easily removed and leave no unpleasant marks. The Blik Re-Stik range can even be re-applied over and over.

The Giant Robot wall stickers are available in two colour sets Aruba/Silver and Black / White. Get both sets to create a robot invasion on your wall, as seen in this photo.

How to use the Wall Decals

1. In order for Blik wall decals to stick, you need a smooth, dry and clean surface. It’s best to grab a dry cloth and give your surface a quick wipe down.

2. To avoid designer’s remorse, tape your decals onto your surface before removing the backing. Step back and admire your creativity.

3. Now it’s time to shift the weight of your decal to the transfer tape. To do so, lay your design on a hard surface, graphic side down. Firmly rub over the entire backing with a squeegee, your hand, a credit card, rubber spatula, etc.

4. Start at one corner and slowly peel away the paper backing with a rolling action.

5. Hold two corners of the transfer tape (with decal, of course) and stick to your desired surface. Smooth one edge onto the surface first, to avoid wrinkles and bubbling, and continue firmly smoothing out the tape all the way down.

6. Now that you’ve applied your graphic, it’s time to remove the tape. Start at one corner and slowly roll it along your surface. If any part of the decal sticks to the tape, simply stop pulling, roll back a bit and repress graphic onto the surface and continue peeling away, slowly.

7. And boom it’s done and ready for your child to enjoy!

To watch a video of the application process just go to

To check out the many many wall stickers available on urbanities take a look at