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Fun with the Fantastic Fred Food Face

It has to be brussel sprouts. Today at Urbanities we were talking about our least favourite vegetables and even after all these years I still can’t make myself eat brussel sprouts. As a child, when I was made to eat them by my vegetable mad parents, my technique would be to hold my breathe while chewing so as not to taste their foul flavour!

Parents today still face the never ending challenge of making their children eat their vegetables. Clearly the designers at Fred have also encountered this problem, but thankfully they’ve come up with a solution to avoid all those unwanted tantrums: the Food Face!

The Food Face starts off empty: Ms Food FaceOnce dinner is ready and the vegetables are served kids can have fun with their dinner:

Mr food face

These Food face plates give children the opportunity to express their creativity through their food and hopefully even get them to eat their vegetables at the same time!

Ms and Mr Food Face are 8.5 inch diameter sized plates (mid-size). They are sturdy and crafted from hotel-quality, foMs Food faceod-safe, high-fire ceramics. They comes individually gift boxed with lots of inspirational (not to mention wacky) food art.

Let the dinner table arguments be replaced with mashed potato beards, cauliflower hair, mushroom noses and capsicum lips!

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