The Fun and Cute Chalkboard Garden Stakes are Back!

The Fun and Cute Chalkboard Garden Stakes are Back!
13 March 2014 Mini_Fox

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What did I Plant in my Little Garden?

Trying to remember what you planted in your little garden? These chalkboard garden stakes are super handy… plant your little green things, write their name on the chaklboard stake and watch them bloom – but above all you can now remember what you planted!

No more confuding tha basil and coriander with the mint. The stakes are just $25 and available in a whole range of fun themes and colours. here are just a few – you can see the whole range on Urbanities Garden section.

The Flower Garden Stakes – super popular and just right for a pretty garden!

Flower - Chalkboard Garden Stake Sign

Flower – Chalkboard Garden Stake Sign

More detail about the garden stakes –

* Designed by Candy Stripe Cloud here in Australia (this is the last production run so they won’t be available anymore once sold out).

* Made from perspex with a chalkboard finish  and includes 4 stakes in a pack.

* Can be used with chalk or a white chalkboard marker available at stationery stores.

* Size of each stake is 75 x 225mm and the writing area on each stake is black.

Here’s another popular design in the chalkboard stake – the owls.

Owls - Chalkboard Garden Stake Sign

Owls – Chalkboard Garden Stake Sign

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