Fred Glass Jar Shaped Like an Unzipped Glass Bag

Fred Glass Jar Shaped Like an Unzipped Glass Bag
17 September 2012 Mini_Fox

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Those creative geniuses at Fred have come up with yet another playful and attractive design for the home. Urbanities is now stocking Unzipped: a glass jar that looks like an unzipped bag – perfect for all your storage or entertaining needs.

Unzipped Glass Bag Jar by Fred & Friends

Fred describes its design in these terms: “Some things in life are fleeting. We use them once, and then relegate them to the trash. Unzipped is designed to celebrate one of those everyday items we take for granted: the zipper bag.

The jar is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and is strong and light weight. You can fill the jar up with whatever you want; lollies for the kids, popcorn for your next movie night or nuts for when you get the nibbles. You could even use it to store your children’s toys: crayons, pencils, pens – all neatly together in the one place!

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