Melanoma and Skin Cancer Self Examination Poster by I Heart Guts

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Self Examination Poster by I Heart Guts
12 March 2014 Mini_Fox

A Fun Medical Poster for the Home, School or Office!

Skin cancer is a real problem in Australia… with its beautiful beaches and long hot summers Australia is a perfect outdoors country however many of us are at risk of skin cancer if we don’t take the right precautions!

Things we can do include the old slip, slop, slap – put on a hat, sunnies and lots of suncream. The other things we can do is be diligent with self-examing our bodies for early signs of possible skin cancer…as scary as this sounds catching it early is much better than ignoring skin cancer.

The people at I Heart Guts have put together another one of their fun self-examination cards for skin cancer (this one is even bi-lingual!).

Melanoma and Skin Care Self Exam Card

Melanoma and Skin Care Self Exam Card

Where to Find the Skin Care Self Exam Card by I Heart Guts

You can find the card at at Skin Cancer Self Exam Card or on the Decorately Marketplace.

You can also get the other self exam cards including – Testicle self exam and Breast self exam. All of these posters are laminated and would suit a home e.g. teaching your kids about how to they can take care of their bodies, for an office or medical practice or a school.

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