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Ecofriendly Recycled Material Shopping Totes

Introducing the New Eco Friendly Shopping Totes

Plastic bags really are a nuisance. They are uncomfortable to carry shopping home in, they dig into your fingers, they rip just as you are about to get on the bus. Once you are home you don’t know what to do with them.

The designers at Blue-Q have had these same experiences and have come up with a way to making shopping and carry items a lot easier.

Blue-Q eco friendly shoppers bag

Blue-Q has created versatile and sturdy shopping bags made from at least 95% recycled materials.

These bags are also water resistant, easy to clean meaning that you can use them to go to the beach, to go to university or to do the grocery shopping.

They are 39 cm high and 40 cm wide, allowing you to put all the necessary items into your eco friendly bag. They are much stronger than your average supermarket plastic bags – they can hold up to 20 kg!

Blue-Q eco friendly shoppers bag

The long handle means you can both carry them by the straps or sling the bag across your shoulder. These shoppers’ bags are also much more aesthetically pleasing than the ‘green’ supermarket bags as they have drawings and words on them.

Should you no longer need these shopping bags you can just put them in the recycling bin, so that they can be recycled and the waste can be reused!

To check out prices and designs go to the following Urbanities pages to see which eco friendly bag you want to take next time you go shopping.

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