Go places this summer with the Eco-friendly Breo Thongs

Go places this summer with the Eco-friendly Breo Thongs
8 October 2013 Master_Fox

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Eco-friendly Breo Thongs

Sport a cool look this summer  with Urbanities’  hot  Breo thongs!

Eco-Friendly Breo Thongs Brown-Blue Colour

Urbanities Eco-Friendly Breo Thongs

Breo thongs  (also known as  flip flops) has been popular in the UK, being very easy on the foot whilst remaining odour free throughout the day.

Made from 100% Thai rubber,  Urbanities Breo thongs are soft on the soles but tough on the pavement with it’s solid underfoot feature.

Eco-friendly Breo Thongs Green-Red

Green-Red Breo Thongs with thin toe divider

The thin toe divider adds to the comfy fit making it the perfect slip-on for your summer activity whether you’re strolling in the mall or frolicking in the beach.

These comfy footwear made from raw natural latex is also organic and bio-degradable. They’re not just friendly with your toes but with the environment as well!

Add a splash of colour to your summer footwear collection and take your pick from Urbanities  Breo Thongs range:

* Yellow / Black
* Red / Blue / Yellow
* Yellow/Pink * Brazil (Green / Yellow)
* Lime / Red * Blue / Brown