Eco Friendly Atollo Bamboo Cutting Boards from Legnoart

Eco Friendly Atollo Bamboo Cutting Boards from Legnoart
11 January 2012 Mini_Fox

The Eco Solution to a Clean Cutting Board

Legnoart has designed an eco friendly chopping board for keeping your wooden cutting boards clean. Introducing the Atollo Eco Friendly Cutting board.

The Atollo cutting board is made with a new material that combines polypropylene and Bamboo fiber. The bamboo has an anti-bacterial function preventing bacteria and mould from thriving and contaminating your food.

The Atollo cutting board is also resistant from scratches and can be easily washed in the dishwasher, saving you time and water in the kitchen. Given the materials from which it is made its soft surface does not damage the blades of knives, unlike glass or marble chopping boards which do exactly that.

The Atollo Eco Cutting Board by LegnoArt

Eco Cutting Board by Legnoart

This eco friendly cutting board also takes up little space in the kitchen as it can be hung off the metal ring on the end of it.

It is available in a small and large size. To see which size suits your needs best go to Large & Small Eco Cutting Boards by LegnoArt.

Also this January 2012 selected items from LegnoArt including the Atollo board are discounted 20% Off.