Go figure! d-Torso 3D Animal Figurines

Go figure! d-Torso 3D Animal Figurines
20 October 2013 Master_Fox

d-Torso 3D Animal Figurines

Are you tired of twisting the Rubik’s cube? Do you like creating something out of nothing? or just want to channel the inner sculptor in you?

Then, d-Torso 3D animal figurines are the perfect tools to unleash your creativity!

d-Torso is a Japanese brand that produces well thought of animal figurines and cardboard sculptures for assembling.

penguin cardboard 3D figurine

Penguin cardboard 3D figurine by d-Torso

These flat cardboard pieces when assembled turns into a realistic 3D animal sculpture, towering 4-6 inches high that  is worthy of an exhibition on your coffee table or book shelf  for everyone else to see!

These pieces are not your usual cut-out puzzles. They are made from a 3D technology known as Dimension Transforming System or DTS where each piece is accurately designed and manufactured to create extremely realistic animal figurines.

Experience the thrill of assembling 3D figurines from laser-cut cardboard pieces with your friends and family with easy to follow instructions included.

Complete your collection with d-Torso’s 3D animal figurines ranging from the safari rhino to the mythical dragon.

animal cardboard figurines

d-Torso animal cardboard 3D figurines collection




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