Cute and Soft Narwhal Baby Booties by Coral & Tusk

Cute and Soft Narwhal Baby Booties by Coral & Tusk
25 September 2012 Mini_Fox

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“Soft Baby Boots by Coral & Tusk”

We are constantly told how important it is to care for our skin or body, but at times we forget just how important it is to take good care of our feet. What better time to start than as babies when their feet are still soft and smooth!

Rather than constrain your little one’s feet in heavy and inflexible trainers, which provide little air for the feet, try the new Coral and Tusk Narwhal Baby Booties.

Coral and Tusk Narwhal Booties - Felt Baby Boots

Unlike most other baby boots Coral and Tusk Felt Booties are made from wool felt providing a soft padding for your children’s delicate feet. The natural fibres allow the feet to breath and shouldn’t cause any skin problems as some synthetic materials might.

As well as the practical benefits the Narwhal Booties are also extremely adorable. Embroidered on the felt booties is the Narwhal, a unique underwater creature that will inspire you to tell wonderful stories of the sea and aquatic adventures to whichever baby wears these boots.

The Narwhal Baby Boots are best for 6-12 month old babies.  These Felt Booties are handmade in New York and designed by Stephanie Housley of Coral and Tusk, who specialises in textile design.

Given just how cute and comfortable the Coral and Tusk Baby Booties are we decided we just had to get more of their designs.

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