Cool Clocks & Timepieces on Urbanities

Cool Clocks & Timepieces on Urbanities
3 November 2014 Mini_Fox
Vanilla White Wall Clock by Infinity

Clocks and Timepieces for Christmas!

It’s almost getting to Christmas season again and many of you are doing some home décor and house improvements before it truly hits the festive season! This week we feature our range of clocks and watches that are great as décor for the home, office, kid’s room. Also perfect for adding a specific design element to a commercial space such as a cafe or restaurant.

Here is the Vanilla clock, great for coloured walls or if you are going for that modern art look white-on-white walls!.  The Vanilla Wall Clock – Available for $49.95 this wall clock is about 35cm wide.

Vanilla White Wall Clock Designed by Urbanities

The Vanilla Wall Clock by Urbanities



A unique and rare item is the Wall Mounted Square Clock handmade from maple wood by Japanese artisans at Hacoa. It’s rare these days to find handmade items and this particular series of clocks by Hacoa is of exceptional quality. A little more expensive at $109.95 this 21 cm wall clock though adds a unique quality to an interior space.

Hacoa Wooden Wall Clock in Walnut Wood

Hacoa Wooden Wall Clock in Walnut Wood





Kids and lovers of pirate stuff will enjoy this clock – the Pirate Wall Clock by Mod Moose. Made by hand from one person design company in the USA this painted clock (safe for kids and adults) is ideal for happy and vibrant spaces.

Pirate Wall Clock

Pirate Wall Clock




The One Day at a Time Wall Clock is something very different. It features weekly and daily times so you can track both the day of the week and the time of day – an innovative design and clock face with just one hand.



If you are looking for a discount on our range of clocks – add the code CLOCKS2014 at checkout for 10% off any clock. Valid til 10th Nov 2014!

See all the wall clocks in our Time Management section and wristwatches here.

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