One brain to rule them all! Big Brain Plushie by I Heart Guts

One brain to rule them all! Big Brain Plushie by I Heart Guts
1 November 2013 Master_Fox

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I Heart Guts Brain Plushie

Big Brain Plushie

It’s the scariest time of the year. Time to don your most terrifying Halloween costume and adorn the house with spooky or gory decors. But you’ve done it all! Witches, vampires, the ethereal cobwebs, bats, pumpkins and so on…

Thinking of spicing up your home with something pleasantly different without the goriness?  Then this nerdy and cutie brain plushie from I Heart Guts is the one for you!  It’s bigger and better with defined neural folds to love.

Get your head around this most fascinating organ in the body that rules almost every part of the body.

Enormous super-soft high-quality 11″ x 9″ x 5″ plush comes with a fantastic booklet-style hangtag with loads of art, info about the boss of the body and silly trivia about your most neurotic organ.

Also doubles as a soft football when your brain drives you nuts. Safe for all ages, this plush comes packed inside a biodegradable plastic sleeve.

The brains behind this quirky plushie is I Heart Guts. The same crazy guys that brought you by the internal organs plushie collectibles. I Heart Guts plush internal organs make the perfect gift for everything from a broken heart to a tummy ache.

Big Brain Plushie hangtag