The Blue Birdie Letter Opener …a Stylish Desk Accessory!

The Blue Birdie Letter Opener …a Stylish Desk Accessory!
26 August 2012 Mini_Fox

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“A Stylish  Little Gift for the Office – The Birdie Letter Opener Sits and Swings!”

Want to add a touch of fun to your work area? At Urbanities we have discovered this little gem of an office accessory, the Birdie Letter Opener. It’s quite small (hand sized) and great as a gift for a colleague at work or just to have on your work desk.

The beautiful Blue Birdie Letter Opener by Japanese design house +d is an elegant addition to your desk. Not only does the Blue Birdie function as a stylish paper knife but it is also decorative and many people will think it’s on your desk as a little bird figurine!

The Birdie Paper Knife is designed to gently swing back to the base of its of its body and is ergonomically designed to hold as you open letters with its tail.

Blue Birdie Letter Opener - Japanese Desk Accessory

The Blue Bird Letter Knife by PlusD (+d) from Japan is a wonderful gift for work colleagues or for friends who run their business from home – give them a beautiful accessory for their desk.

Specs of the Birdie Letter Opener

Size: 101mm X 10mm X 45mm
Weight: approximately 10 g
Materials: PBT

+d Birdie Paper Knife - Japanese Office Accessory

The Birdie Letter Opener also comes in a Black Letter Knife version.

The Blue Birdie Paper Knife is part of the new range of +d designs available on Urbanities. +d offers a myriad of practical objects for the home, adding its own personal twist to add a new meaning to everyday items.