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The Bee’s Knees – Honeybee Solid Perfume for Mother’s Day

Solid Perfume by ArtLab…the Japanese perfume company… A Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day!

The creators of beautiful fragrances, ArtLab have launched the Maison du Bois solid perfume range. The Honeybee solid perfume (applied direct to the skin) Perfume forms part of this beautifully scented collection.

Introducing the Bee’s Knees in Solid Perfume: Honeybee Rub On Fragrance

Made from all natural ingredients – Jojoba oil (50%), Beeswax (37%), Fragrance (10%) and Shea butter (3%) you’ll love applying the Honeybee Solid Perfume every day! Most people will find that these natural ingredients are low allergenic.

Honeybee Solid Perfume for Mother's day Gift

What makes the Honeybee Solid Perfume better than your average spray on? Well…it’s extremely easy to apply and it’s not overpowering like spray on perfumes and you can use as much as or a little as you like.

The solid perfume case with a beautiful honeybee design is light and easy to hold in your hand, measuring just 43mm in diameter by 14mm in height. The ArtLab Honeybee rub on fragrance comes in a little carry case which makes it easy to pop in your handbag and also simple to find.

ArtLab Solid Perfume - Japanese Cosmetics

The Maison du Bois Honeybee solid fragrance is great as a personal purchase or as a small gift. It is uniquely available on Urbanities.

Also unique to Urbanities are other delicate Maison du Bois fragrances such the Fawn Solid Fragrance, Ladybird Rub on Perfume, Rabbit Solid Perfume and the Squirrel Rub on Perfume.

More about ArtLab

ArtLab is a Japanese company that specialises in body perfumes as well as fragrances for the home. What makes them stand out is their creative approach to design. They create diffusers which change colour as the oils permeate through their hand crafted flower and animal diffusers. If you are still looking to get your mum a gift for Mother’s day then take a look at the Honeybee Animal Shaped Clay Fragrance Diffuser by ArtLab?

Note that Mother’s Day is Sunday 13th May 2012…if you are in a rush use the DHL Express option and we can get you any order within 1-2 days!