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Anyone for tea? Cute Tea Sets by Sunart

Sick of having your cupboards overflow with mismatched crockery? Fortunately Sunart offers a solution to this problem with their latest homewares.

They have come up with tea set designs that allow you to easily stack your tea pot and two cups on top of each other.

They have a variety of cute designs bound to suit all tastes. At Urbanities we’ve been trying out the tea sets to ensure that they satisfy our customers needs of course!

We’d like to show you some of our favourites:

Anyone for tea? Cute Tea Sets by SunartThe Alice “tea for one” is perfect for those lazy afternoons when it’s just you and your book. Perfect for brewing 1 cup of tea this ceramic set comes with a tea cup and strainer.

If however you’re entertaining the Eiffel Tower or Leaning Tower of Pisa “tea for two” sets are just what you need.

Anyone for tea? Cute Tea Sets by SunartThe leaning tower of Pisa “tea for two” includes a tea pot, two tea cups and a strainer one on top of another, making it very easy to put away in the cardboard once you’ve had copious amounts of tea.

Keep an eye on the Urbanities site as soon these new homewares will be available.