The Akanbe Mat…the Mat that Folds into a Basket for Picnics & Travel!

The Akanbe Mat…the Mat that Folds into a Basket for Picnics & Travel!
16 April 2012 Mini_Fox

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You’ve prepared all the food, put everything into your picnic basket and invited your friends only to discover that when you arrive at the park you’ve forgotten your picnic rug! Thanks to the Japanese designed product the Akanbe Folding Basket you’ll never encounter this problem again.

Akanbe Folding Basket & Mat

This fantastic outdoor basket, which can be used for carrying food and drinks, transfroms into a folding mat making picnics and outdoor events easier than ever. It is designed by Tetsu Sumii and Soshi Takita and we now sell it on Akanbe on Urbanities Australia and Akanbe on Urbanities New Zealand stores.

This folding mat is extremely versatile as it is perfect for picnics, storing large or small items at home, such as children’s toys or magazines, and it is also a perfect travel accessory or shopping bag as it weighs only 370 grams.

Not only are its uses many but it also comes in several pleasant colours and has a playful smiley face as its handle.

The Akanbe Mat & Basket in Action

Here’s the Akanbe Mat folded as a basket (pink colour) and flat as a mat (the grey colour version).

Akanbe Folding Mat and basket - Japanese Design

Made from reinforced felt it is strong, durable and light weight: perfect for all situations. Furthermore, its compact size; 47cm x 3.8cm x 47cm, allows for it to be folded up and stored neatly and easily in the home without creating more clutter.

Akanbe Felt Mat & Basket

The Handle of the Akanbe Basket (Pink) See it on the Urbanities NZ store.

This creative, useful and eye pleasing Japanese designed product is perfect for every household and we think is a unique gift idea.

To see more detail go to Akanbe Mat & Basket on Urbanities Australia.